Unique Works of Art

For some, art is to be displayed on the wall to appreciate and to enhance one’s d├ęcor. For others, art can be found most everywhere. It is truly amazing to witness the artist who can find the most mundane object and create something beautiful. They have the creative vision to turn everyday or unusual objects or things found in nature and translate or manipulate the shapes and colors into something to wear or function in a different way.

Aviva Stanoff, a textile designer, is such as artist. She takes the simple beauty of a leaf or blossom and etches them into velvet fabrics then applies dyes to accentuate the shapes. The embellished fabrics are then fabricated into decorative pillows and bedding. Her glassware is a celebration of rich colors, textures, and dimension. Vases and candleholders are handmade using a three-day process, which includes silk-screening, metallic leafing, and hand-painting. Whatever the project or process, the result is magnificent and each piece out of her studio is unique, as no two are exactly alike.

Years ago Dori Csengeri was a textile designer living in Paris when she started creating jewelry and accessories using a needlework technique. Today, Dori Csengeri fashion jewelry is a unique blend of stones, beads, silk cords, metals, and other materials and is handcrafted from her studio in Israel. Her striking creations are often featured on the front of top fashion magazines and are often sought out by devoted fans all over the world.

Aviva Stanoff and Dori Csengeri are talented and successful artists whose work can be found on DazzleandShimmer.com.

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