Ladies Get Plastered Creating a Custom Dress Form

For most folks, a typical Saturday usually involves working around the house, enjoying a hobby, or just kicking back. The equipment of choice is often a rake, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, or even a fishing pole or bowling ball.

But on one particular Saturday, five ladies from a neighborhood sewing group got together for an afternoon of getting plastered. Were we sipping Margaritas or perhaps tipping a few glasses of wine? Uh…Not exactly. Did we find our way to one of Jersey’s hot spots for a few cosmopolitans and a little dancing on the tables? No-o-o….. Not quite.

No, this particular Saturday was all about cloning ourselves. Only this cloning did not involve DNA and our getting plastered did not involve a single DWI. Our equipment of choice?….Plastic bags, plaster bandages, polyurethane, insulation foam, rulers, scissors, and friends. On this Saturday, we ditched our usual rituals for making the perfect custom dress form. The “getting plastered” involved making a cast mold of our bodies and then filling it with a concoction of the polyurethane and the foam.

We got to work cutting out the various sizes of the bandages. Then each of us took on the role of either the “plasterer” or the “plastered”. We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves and at the extent women sometimes go to just to look good. As any person who sews will attest to, to look good, you need your clothes to fit properly. So for us, the best tool in the sewing process starts with the dress form. To be honest, it’s a little scary to see your body as other people see it, but necessary, nonetheless.

Getting Plastered

Watching each one stand there to be wrapped in this curious suit of plastic and dripping wet plaster with the ever so fashionable shower cap and plastic covering their shoes, I wondered, is this what Justin Timberlake meant by “bringing sexy back”?

When all the forms were done, we hung them up to dry overnight, took a step back and simultaneously giggled and marveled at our work. There was still more work to be done, but we got past the hard part and felt a sense of accomplishment.

Best of all, we were a step closer to making some great garments. A Saturday afternoon of getting plastered turned out to be an amazing “bonding” experience and hopefully one of many yet to come. By the way, did you know that “A Saturday Afternoon” is also the name of a cocktail? Interesting… Cheers!

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