Ugly Fabric

Nope, I’m not worried. I’m sure to be picked today. I can just feel it. I hear there’s a big sale going on so I know I stand a good chance. Yep, here comes someone now. She’s getting closer… closer….oh-h-h .. passed up again. (Sigh) Why won’t anyone ever take a second look at me? I know I’m not the handsomest one around, but I’ve got personality.

Wait! Here she comes again! Pick me! Pick me! Gees, her hands are cold! But at least she’s looking me over. It’s touchy-feely time….O-o-o that tickles! Oh-oh, I’m getting the look. I hate when they get that look. The nose crinkles. The eyes grow cold. The lip curls. Uh, what’s happening? What is she doing? Oh, no… I’m being shoved back into my
slot. Just great! Now I’m wrinkled! How rude! You know, I’ve been cooped up here on this stand for months now and not a single bite!

I’ve watched my neighbors come and go. Sure, everyone wants the pretty ones. Can’t anyone see that I can look pretty good too if they’d just give me a chance? I’m not so bad, really. Okay, so my warps and wefts are a little crooked. My colors are uh… a little faded. And I guess I’m a little sticky too after that kid stuck his lollipop on me. My design is well…shall we say… unusual. It makes people cross their eyes kinda funny. But that shouldn’t stop ‘em. Doesn’t anybody use their imagination anymore? Did they pass a law that says you can only sew things EXACTLY as the pattern tells you or one that says you can only use the most beautiful fabrics you can possibly find?

Here comes someone. Whoa….hey take it easy, lady. Ouch! Hey, what’s the big idea slamming me into this cart? Yikes, watch out! Well, all right…I’ve got company. Hi, Barbie! Long time, no see, Batman! Hmm, that cowgirl over there is pretty cute! Gees, this lady must be in a hurry. She’s wheeling this cart like she can’t wait to get us home. I wonder what the speed limit is around here. Hey, lady, you just passed up the cutting counter. Where are you going? Oh, I get it now. It’s off to the (gulp) discount shelf. How humiliating! Yep, I’m doomed. Look at me. I’m stuck in between this bright orange plaid here and a herd of pink flamingoes. Someone get me some sunglasses! (Sigh) Who’s
going to want me now?

(Cough, cough!) Don’t they dust around here? I’m tired of being neglected. No one’s looked at me for weeks. What’s this? Someone’s browsing the discount fabrics. Let me straighten up here. If I could just stick myself out a little, maybe she’ll notice me. Pick me, take me home, oh, please……. Yes! She’s lookin’ me over. Bet you she puts me back. What’s this? Where am I? What happened? Huh? I- I- I’m on the cutting counter! So this is what it’s like. Whoa! All this twirling is making me dizzy! The room is spinning round and round. But I’m not complaining. No, not me. Ugly fabric…what? Okay, let’s not get insulting. She just told this other lady that I’m ugly. Hey, I’ve got feelings you know!

I wonder what will become of me? Will I be a handbag, cuffs and collars, doll clothes, or maybe part of a quilt or a chic jacket? In the right hands I can do chic. Hey, maybe kids clothes too! That’ll mean more lollipops for me. Hope they make it cherry…I like cherry.

Anyway, I made it…I’ve been bought, stitched, and ooh’d and aah’d over. Here comes someone with a camera! Okay, I’m ready…..C-h-e-e-s-e! Ugh… I see spots! I can’t help but wonder about my friends that are still waiting for someone to rescue them. (Sigh)…..Hmm, I wonder what ever happened to that cute cowgirl. I should’ve gotten her number.

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