My Bucket List

A wintry mix of snow and rain forced me to cancel our monthly fashion sewing group meeting recently.  In doing so, I imagined that some people would take advantage of this found time and put the pedal to the metal to whip up something on their sewing machine.

I had all good intentions of doing the same, but as usual my old friend Ms. Procrastination showed up at my house.  Ah yes, Ms. Procrastination and I go way back.  As far back as I can remember, Ms. P (as I sometimes fondly call her) was always there for me whether I needed her or not.  No sooner had I made up my mind that I was going to sew the pants I had been meaning to get to for the past 3 months, there was that old familiar knock at my door.  Should I answer the door or let her freeze out in the cold?

Before I could decide, Ms. P’s persistent style showed that she was not about to be ignored.  The gaps between her knocks grew shorter and more frantic until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I had to let her in, I thought.  Otherwise, she would just drive me crazy.  So I relented and opened the door.  Ms. P settled in and made it clear that she was far too comfortable to leave anytime soon.   I had forgotten all about those pants.

I have to admit though that Ms. Procrastination can be nice to have around sometimes.  For example, we pulled out “The Bucket List” I had rented, popped it in the DVD player, and snuggled under the blankets to watch the movie.  In case you’re not familiar with the movie or what a bucket list is, this movie is about two terminal-cancer patients who become friends, create a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket, and then take off on a road trip together with the intent to fulfill their wish list before they die.

It got me thinking about creating my own bucket list.  I guess I sort of always had ideas of things I wanted to do before I leave this earth, but never actually put any of it down on paper.  So here is my official list:

  • See the world
  • Learn to ski (I’ve been trying for almost 40 years)
  • Write a book
  • Finish my pants

When Ms. Procrastination fell asleep after the movie, I tiptoed over to the computer to begin planning my bucket list to-dos.  Suddenly, there was another knock at my door.  I thought who could that be?  I opened the door, but the snow and wind made it difficult to see the figure at my doorstep and an overwhelming bad feeling swept over me.

A deep voice bellowed out, “Hello! Remember me?” I swallowed hard and then unable to fight the inevitable, extended my arm to shake hands with Mr. Financially Challenged.   I noticed the many pieces of luggage and several trunks beside him.  Agh! This was going to be a long visit!  With both Ms. Procrastination and Mr. Financially Challenged under my roof, things have gotten awfully crowded and somewhat dismal, but I’m optimistic that the mood will change soon.  I just put in an emergency call to my distant twin cousins, Do-It Now and Git-R Done, known to many as the consummate party crashers, but they always know how to get things done.

Ah, those two….If only they knew how to sew.

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