New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has passed, but the impressions live on and another season of the latest trends are about to hit the red carpet and the stores.  I did not attend as my invitation was undoubtedly misplaced or eaten by someone’s dog.  So I did what the rest of us do, I read the NY Times and went on-line to see what all the buzz was about.

I’m by no means a fashion expert.  I sew and I love fashion, but I just react to what I see just like everyone else.  I respect all designers and what they do.  They make women look and feel fabulous.  Well, most of the time.  I just can’t help but poke fun at some of their creations.  I understand that many are just for artistic expression and are made strictly for the runway show, or at least they should be.  So here are my thoughts about some of the collections and looks from Fashion Week.

First, there was the dragon-head dress from The Blonds, complete with three dimensional horns, spiny scales, and razor-sharp teeth.  The round orange eyes and open mouth had you believing that you would be its next victim.  Wouldn’t the dragon-head dress be interesting to wear to a children’s birthday party?

Then there’s Jeremy Scott’s pink sweater with the magnificent sleeves.  But alas, there was something amiss about the rest of that sweater.  Yes, I can imagine wearing that sweater with the pretty pink puffy sleeves and oh so airy fishnet bodice.  My droopy boobs would be poking out and engaging in jumping jacks exercises as I walked down the street.  And since the trajectory of that event would be considered something totally out of my control, I’d have to warn people to stand back to avoid getting hurt!  My husband’s reaction was, “Why would you want to buy a sweater if it ain’t gonna keep you warm?”  I’m sure it was designed for ladies with hot flashes or for those times when the only part of your body that gets cold are your arms.  It happens, right?

Closer examination of Isaac Mizrahi’s yellow dress revealed a simple boxy dress sewn from two rectangles (in a hurry, Isaac?)  Without the accessories, this would just be another boxy dress.  So just add a gorgeous bulky necklace, a poodle dressed in a matching yellow coat, and a hat shaped like the rounded ball of fur found on the tip of the poodle’s tail and you have a masterpiece.  I wonder, will they include the poodle with the dress?  And would they use little carriers and place them on the dress hanger?  Or would they use one of those tag guns to attach the dog to the dress?  I don’t think the logistics have been worked out yet.

Could someone please inform Frank Tell that his sweater must have been involved in a terrible accident, an explosion, perhaps?  Several yarns appear to be oozing out.  Or is that Spanish moss growing on the sweater?  I could be wrong, but it is quite possible that this was one of those altered clothing experiments gone wrong.  Take your husband’s (or boyfriend’s) sweater, throw it into the washing machine with a bunch of zippers and let the snagging begin!  Voila, you have a new chic sweater!

Then there was Rad Hourani’s black something.  I’m not sure how to categorize it because it appears to be some sort of new hybrid.  Is it a dress or a skirt and top or something in-between?  It was black, that’s all I can tell you.  Strapped to it is what looked like the suit (also black) from a tandem skydiving jump where you’re strapped to the expert and the only thing that you’re required to do is scream.  Only in this case the model looks like she lost her diver on the way down because the tandem suit was empty.  Oops!!

Rachel Roy’s multi-colored flowery pants are wa-a-a-y too flowery and wa-a-a-y too wide in the hips and then they taper down to skin tight at the calf.   It’s paired with a raspberry-colored hooded sweatshirt and an orange coat.  A nice color combination, but the pants look like one of my rejects from the 1960’s.  And who wants to walk around with flowers on their butt?  And why didn’t I think about that back in the 60’s???

I’m fanatic about colors so it was refreshing to see that the designers are combining some colors that you don’t normally see paired together often.  A pink skirt and jacket paired with a red blouse and a blue/black/maroon skirt paired with a red belt and an orange jacket was unexpected and looked amazing.   Now those are some details that I will definitely file away for future projects.  So thank you, designers, for another dose of inspiration, motivation, and entertainment.  And if any of you happen to see poodles attached to dresses in the stores this spring, all I can say is… please be careful where you step!!

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